Early testimonials

I would like to thank everyone who has taken the time to write me a testimonial, it is sincerely appreciated. All the paintings can be viewed in the galleries, next to the photographs I used. Thank you everyone - Valerie

Wendy commissioned me to paint Oliver for her daughters birthday, he is a really cute gentle Daschund. Wendy kindly emailed this lovely photo of Hannah with Oliver and her painting, plus the following ..

"It was coming up to my daughter Hannah's 12th birthday, and I asked her what she wanted for a present. "dunno, some make up or stuff" was her response! Well, easy to accomplish, but not very memorable! So, got to thinking....... couldn't come up with any ideas. Then, by chance, I came accross one of Val's flyers, and the present was sorted! I contacted Val, discussed my idea of getting Hannah a portrait of her much beloved dachshund Oliver. I sent Val a selection of photos and we decided on one. Only a week later, Val contacted me to say that the portrait was ready! I went along to collect him, and was blown away by the standard/quality of the portrait. To say I was pleased would be an understatement. From only a photograph, Val has captured his personality, his cheeky face and those lovely big front paws of his!
Hannah's reaction was priceless. She literally didn't know what to say! She is absolutely delighted with the picture, and he has pride of place hanging in our front room.
From Hannah and me, a huge thanks to you Val for a very special present, which Hannah will treasure for ever I'm sure.
My very best to you Wendy"

Lorna commissioned me to paint Gaia for her Mum (Rita) for Christmas. Rita told me her story and added ' It was such a wonderful surprise to receive Gaia's portrait for Christmas. Valerie has captured Gaia's expression beautifully. The slight tilt of her head, with her big black eyes looking away when she wants to give that couldn't care a less look of independence. Even her coat has been done to perfection. The portrait hangs above Gaia's chair so that I can glance from one to the other. The likeness is perfect, it brings a tear to my eyes. Thank you so much to my family for giving me the best Christmas present ever. The portrait is a real treasure, a keepsake forever' .. the testimonial brought a tear to my eye, thank you Rita and Lorna, Gaia is beautiful!

Paul commissioned me to paint Harvey, as a Christmas present for his wife and family. Unfortunately Harvey was a very bitter sweet as he is no longer with us and was obviously very loved in his time. Paul was kind enough to send me this email, to let me know how Christmas Day went .. 'The grand unveiling went perfectly. There were of course tears which could not be avoided given the perfection of the picture. The
most telling comment on how good the picture is came from my daughter. She said that you see some pictures and
think that is a great painting of a Labrador or a Jack
Russell but this goes beyond being a great painting of a
Tibetan Spaniel, it is a tremendous painting of Harvey. I think that sums it up perfectly. You have caught him perfectly and we find ourselves talking to the picture'. Ah bless you all and thank you so much for giving me the chance to paint him for you all Paul it was a sad but wonderful pleasure.

Barbara wrote these words for me about her gorgeous Greyhound Oliver ''Oliver' our very special boy caught perfectly by Valerie, his eyes are amazing! I am really delighted at the lovely artwork, it will be treasure forever.Thank you so much Valerie for giving us something so special so we will always have him close. Barbara and Ian. Thank you so much Barbara I was honoured to paint such a stunning boy!

Annette, despite a very poorly wrist, wrote me a lovely testimonial as follows .. but before I put it here I would like to thank Annette for all her help in making sure the paintings were just right! Thank you Annette .. so ..

Djansa’s portrait shows his gentleness and affection to a tee – it is so ‘him’. I am looking at Valerie’s portraits of our boys now as I write and think they are exquisite. Rocco’s image shows his strength of character but also his dignified elegance, a trait of many true Salukis. The portraits are just so life like and are beautiful keepsakes which will hold many memories for us in the future. I thank Valerie for her patience and attention to detail in pursuing the correct ‘feel’ of the animal as seen by the owner; she makes sure that the recipient is going to be happy to live with the result of her efforts for the rest of their lives. I can assure Valerie that these will be treasured by us and our family for all time. Thank you'.

Nicky sent me this lovely testimonial for a painting of Ollie and Merlin, a Samoyed and Maine Coon. There is a link to her website on my links page, as well as with her painting .. thank you so much for the testimonial Nicky ..

'I cannot put into words just how emotional this pastel painting was to my husband as a gift for our Wedding Anniversay, he absolutely loved it! When I first met Valerie at a recent cat show, and I saw on display some of her handiwork, there was such emotion oozing from the samples she had on display that I just knew I had to have one, so I put my thinking cap on and spoke with Valerie at length and we decided that I would send her a photograph of the painting I wished her to do.

We sadly lost 'Ollie' in December 2010 to an inoperable tumour; he was our very first Maine Coon and a clown to boot, He was such a baby, he was always on hubby's back when he went into the cattery saying 'where have you you been?' He was a very special boy that will be very sorely missed, that is the reason that I wanted this special portrait down for my husband. The work and detail that goes into Valerie's work is phenominal, such a personal touch, I would thoroughly recommend her work to anyone'.

Charlotte asked me to paint her 2 gorgeous Beagle Puppies and I gladly obliged, they were a delight. Charlotte kindly sent me this .. Valerie has captured my 4 month old beagles personalities perfectly on paper. Inti the boy is so laid back, and Inca is just a live wire. On collecting the piece, Valerie said exactly this about their personalities, the fact that this came through just by painting them, really showed me that so much work, thought and emotion had gone into this very special piece of work.

Peter commissioned me to paint Tia as a birthday present for his wife. Tia was a beautiful (inside and out) English Setter who had sadly died after a life of being loved by Di and Peter. After giving Di the present he wrote 'Di just opened your picture, once the tears had dried, she is absolutely delighted with the way you have captured her, thank you for bringing her back to life for us'. Thank you so much Peter for telling me .. Peter wrote some lovely words about Tia and what she meant to Di and him, before I met him. I have put them with the portrait on my Dogs gallery, so please take a look .. it is a lovely dedication to a special dog.

Kelly asked me to paint her dog Sandy who had died at a very good age, but was much missed by Kelly and her eldest Son Ryan. You can see Sandy in my dogs gallery, and I would like to say thank you so much to Kelly for this lovely testimonial .. Val, I can't thank you enough for the portrait of Sandy, you have truly captured her spirit with your art. Ryan and I absolutely love her portrait, and each time we look upon her picture we remember the love and joy she bought to our family, and find reasons to chat about happy times when she shared our lives. You are truly talented, and work so hard to capture the essence and personality of each pet you paint. I thank you and wish you every success, which you deserve for the joy you bring to others.

Fran commissioned me to paint Ruby, an Airedale who waits for her Dad every day at the wall .. Fran kindly emailed .. 'Hi Valerie I am absolutely delighted with my painting of darling Ruby, I can't wait to give to Brian for fathers day - she is his best girl! Thank you so much for a lovely (and very accurate) interpretation of her'. After Fathers Day Fran emailed again saying 'Brian absolutely LOVED it - honestly he was thrilled to bits. She now hangs very proudly on the wall on our landing! I am so proud you use Ruby in your portfolio - she would be too ! She is such a show off! Your talent is truly amazing ! Thank you again - and believe me when I say Brian couldn't have been more pleased'.

Kelly commissioned me to paint Barney for her Husband and after giving it to him, was kind enough to send me this lovely testimonial, thank you Kelly. 'My husband loved his picture! It really is great! I bought it for my husband for fathers day as we had talked about getting one for a while. My husband and I are over the moon with it as it is so much like Barney! Valerie has captured him completely, we are so grateful to have such an amazing picture of our boy to put up for all to see. You can also read Barneys story with his portrait in the dogs gallery.

Sue commissioned me to paint her gorgeous Red Point Siamese Cookie, who had a wonderful day at the show as you will read. Sue very kindly sent me this email the following day ... "Cookie really had a super day on Saturday as he was entered at both the Shows....The Red Point and Tortie Point Siamese Cat Club and the Midshires Siamese Cat Association and was judged Best of Variety Male neuter at both shows and then went on to win Best In Show Neuter at both shows. Quite a day:) Not one that comes along too often...and then to top it off my kitten Johpas Sparks Will Fly did the same and won at both shows Best of Variety Male Kitten and then Best In Show Kitten. A real day to remember, and obviously the portrait of Cookie will commemorate that achievement forever. I hope sometime in the future to get a portrait done of Ollie (kitten) but I want to wait till he grows up a bit and gets a more mature head. Good Luck with all the other shows you are going too...I hope you get a lot of commisions. You deserve them! Kind regards Sue"

Emma commissioned me to paint Baggins for her Mum on Mothers Day (lovely)! Emma was kind enough to say 'Thank you Valerie for painting Baggins so well, I was over the moon when I received him, you have even managed to capture his cheeky (naughty) personality!

When my mum opened him on mother’s day she was absolutely thrilled, your skills are so good mum was not sure if it was a painting or a photo! Mum has been showing him off to everyone, she has even posted it onto Face book for everyone to view, “Baggins” is now hanging proudly above the fireplace in the lounge. Thank you Valerie.

I painted Fred, a Rottweiler for Lesley in Australia. She emailed to say .. "I was thoroughly delighted with the painting of “Fred”. Valerie you have captured him totally, his expression, alertness and colour - Fred to a “T”. I love the painting and have enjoyed showing it off to my Australian friends.
Thank you Valerie.