About my work

My pet portraits are treasured by anyone who loves or has loved their companion pet(s). They are a unique and 'forever' memory, making wonderful gifts whether for yourself, or someone else. I am lucky enough to paint internationally so please feel free to contact me no matter where you are in the world.

When I ask my clients why they chose me to paint their treasured companion' 99% of them say it is because I capture the very 'essence' of every animal I paint. My paintings are very detailed. I endeavour to make them as 'real' as possible, and give them depth, by very careful layering of structure and detail. They are never generic. I illustrate this by showing a reference photo next to my paintings, in the galleries on here. Please bear in mind you are only viewing a photograph of my painting, the real painting gives so much more .. I am limited by a camera to show them to you.

I paint in high quality pastel, a medium that is, in my opinion, brilliant for capturing the beauty of our animals.

About my clients ..
My clients are much more than customers to me. We become a team, often friends, and I am honoured to do what I do. Thank you to everyone who has allowed me into their lives for a short time. To everyone else, I hope my site inspires you to contact me.

About me ..
A lifetime of loving and watching animals has brought me to where I am now. I appreciate, due to my own life experiences with animals, the joy and love they bring to our lives. I am very humbled when I hear the stories my lovely clients tell me, often listening with amazement about the lengths some people will go to for their companions. As I paint your pet I am getting to know them. A 'glint in' or a 'softness to' their eyes tells me so much about their personality. The way their fur lies tells me how they would feel, the muscles and bones underneath.
This is what I aim to capture, for my clients, and is why I am so very lucky to be able to do so.

Thank you for looking at my site