The commission journey

Emotional stages

Receiving your own, unique and original portrait, of a very much loved companion, is a wonderful, often 'once in a lifetime', experience.

If you are lucky enough to still have your 'pet', then you will be full of the joy of having their portrait with you, forever. If sadly you have lost them, you may be full of sadness, you might find this stage difficult, but ultimately my paintings bring joy and celebration. Many clients tell me how they feel their loved one is back home with them, I am very honoured to be a small part of so much love.

Once your decision is made, to have a portrait, you can start to embrace the joy of your animal by deciding how you would like him or her portrayed forever. This stage is all about what makes or made them special to you. Was it how they tilted their head, the way they looked at you with intelligence in their eyes, or a dopey expression you could not resist .. whatever it is or was, look for that in a photograph you already have, or try to capture it in a new one. I only need one photograph. (Please refer to my photo tips section as they should help you).

When your photo is chosen, we work together to prepare the foundations, with a few decisions being made, then you can relax, and I will paint for you, bearing in mind everything you have told me about your very special companion.

The last emotions are pure joy. My painting will be so much more than the original photograph, they are full of a warmth than the camera cannot portray in the same way. He or she will be with you, displayed forever in your home, a joyous reminder always of what they meant to you.

Practical stages ..

The very first stage is to reserve your space, in my diary, for when suits you. I am delighted to say I am very busy so please do not wait to contact me.

I do not need your photo at this stage, that can come much later.
Ideally please make contact by emailing me at: Mail me
or ring: Mobile 07756 146125

The next stage will be when you have your photo. There are photo tips on my site, I will also email them to you. They should help you either take a good photo, or choose a good photo from what you have, for your portrait. Please email your one chosen photograph to me, we will then discuss crops, sizes, prices and background. If I am to put animals together, please email the individual photographs and I will Photoshop them together in layouts and email back to you, so you can tell me if they look correct.

Between us we build the foundation to your painting. I guide you all the way, you can leave everything up to me if you prefer. We might discuss something you particularly love about him or her that makes him special to you. There may be something you particularly would like me to capture or something small you would like me to leave out. Different backgrounds, sizes etc will also be discussed, in other words whatever is necessary until you are totally happy with how your finished portrait will look.

When I have painted for you I will text to say I have emailed your portrait, for you to approve. As long as all is 100% for you, it is yours. Any payments outstanding will then be due. I can either post for £9.99 p&p in UK (outside UK will be quoted for) .. or I can arrange framing via my framer, if you wish. Please see the 'Framing' section.

I hope the above is helpful and very much look forward to discussing your special portrait with you.

Kindest Regards Valerie